以下是十大正规买球app推荐经常被问到的一些问题. Not every question. Not every answer. Not yet.

Working on it.

We offer this as a permanent Work In Progress…

How much do videos cost?

Videos can cost anywhere from €1500 to €1.5 million+. 影响您的视频项目在这个惊人的大范围内的因素包括, but are not limited to, length of shoot, length of post-production, special effects and motion graphics, the music you’d like to use, whether or not actors will be involved, hair, makeup, wardrobe, scripting, number of cameras, size of the film crew, animations, and many, many more. Each project is unique; that’s why we create bespoke costs for each and every person who contacts us wanting to make a video. 如果你想拍摄公司明年奥斯卡的角逐者的节日派对,这并不重要, 十大正规买球app推荐将与您一起创造一个价格,匹配您的项目的规模和野心. 

How long does it take to make a video?

另一个常见且常被误解的问题. A 2-minute corporate interview video, for internal use, can take a few days to plan, one day to shoot and two-four weeks to edit. 一个30秒的电视广告可能需要数月的计划、数周的拍摄和数周的剪辑. 在十大正规买球app推荐了解到你想要什么之前十大正规买球app推荐是不会给你时间的. 这就是为什么十大正规买球app推荐开始每个项目与聊天,什么使你的视频独特和你想要它完成当你把它放到世界上. 一旦十大正规买球app推荐了解了你和你的项目, 十大正规买球app推荐建立一个时间表,最准确地满足您的需要. 十大正规买球app推荐发现,一个项目从开始到结束平均需要6周的时间.

I’m being filmed in an interview tomorrow. How much should I prepare?

准备面试的黄金法则是知道 what you’re going to say, but not how you are going to say it. No memorizing. There are some people who are very good at memorizing lines and saying them naturally on camera; they’re called professional actors. If you are asking this question, you are not a professional actor, 因此,你不应该记住准确的文本行,以交付给相机. You will look nervous and wooden. Instead, 列出一份问题清单,在每次回答中准备几个你想谈论的主题. Keep things simple and broad. 如果你去面试的时候知道自己要说什么,但不知道该怎么说, 十大正规买球app推荐的制作人会帮你在面试中精心准备答案,确保你听起来很聪明, confident, and natural. 

Can you fix it in post-production?

No. But we can mitigate problems. 如果原始素材有问题,比如背景噪音, bad light, someone saying the wrong thing, looking the wrong way, wearing the wrong thing, or otherwise not doing something right, 十大正规买球app推荐有一些技巧可以让这些事情变得不那么明显,但十大正规买球app推荐几乎没有技巧可以让这些事情完全消失.  因此,当十大正规买球app推荐拍摄时,十大正规买球app推荐非常重视一切的正确性. 如果十大正规买球app推荐那天拿到的录像是十大正规买球app推荐想要的, 它为十大正规买球app推荐(和你)在后期制作过程中省去了许多麻烦. 

How do I make sure I look good on video?

It starts with trusting us. 十大正规买球app推荐不能让你变成另一个人,但十大正规买球app推荐可以,也会让你变成最好的自己. 十大正规买球app推荐主要通过相机角度和照明来实现这一点. 如果你有预算的话,十大正规买球app推荐还可以带一个专业的化妆师. The biggest thing you can do is get some rest the night before. The fresher and more relaxed you are, 你说话越自信,你说话越自信,你看起来就越好. 唯一需要遵循的时尚规则是避免任何近距离的啪啪声(它们往往会破坏相机传感器),并把刺耳的珠宝留在家里,因为它会干扰音频. 

What’s B-roll?

B-roll, gv,或剪切,是十大正规买球app推荐切成视频的图像,以创造视觉兴趣. 想想晚间新闻中经常出现的购物者走在拥挤的商业街上的画面. Often, 这些图片与你的视频内容有一个主题链接,并与采访内容穿插在一起,为所谈论的内容提供具体的视觉例子. 它们还能很好地掩盖面试中十大正规买球app推荐可能剪下来拼接在一起的部分.

Can we use a teleprompter?

是的,但十大正规买球app推荐只在某些情况下建议使用. Do you want to sound like a newsreader? Use a teleprompter. Do you want to sound relaxed and conversational? Do not use a teleprompter. 十大正规买球app推荐的制片人经过专门训练,帮助人们通过采访,让他们听起来像真实的自己. Certain styles of videos, like e-seminars, absolutely benefit from the use of teleprompters, 但你会惊讶地发现,没有它们,你往往可以制作出更好的视频. 

How long is a one-day shoot?

8 hours.

Is our office a good place to shoot interviews?

We’ll need to drop by to take a look. 让一个人在镜头前好看的主要要求是空间. 十大正规买球app推荐需要空间来放十大正规买球app推荐用来照亮采访对象的灯光. 十大正规买球app推荐需要空间让十大正规买球app推荐的相机拍摄他们,十大正规买球app推荐需要自己的空间. 一般来说,十大正规买球app推荐拥有的空间越少,人们对画面的观感就越差. If we haven’t been to your office, 十大正规买球app推荐喜欢在计划的日子里顺便去看看有没有可能的安排. 

Do we need to write our own script?

Nope. 十大正规买球app推荐的制片人会联系你,写一个剧本,把你想说的一切都说出来,比你自己想象的还要好. If you want 如果你想写自己的剧本,他们也可以提供指导和编辑. 

I see that you’re based in Dublin. Will you shoot in other cities and other countries?

Absolutely. 十大正规买球app推荐在爱尔兰和英国各地旅行,并保持着一个由制片人和导演组成的国际网络,以便将发生在更远地方的项目发送出去. 

Do you shoot weddings?

No. Our bravery has limits. 

Do I own my video?

Absolutely. 只要你按约定跟十大正规买球app推荐结清制作费,十大正规买球app推荐拍的所有东西都是你的.


We do this all the time. Just let us know what you want to shoot, 这段视频是关于什么的,你想让十大正规买球app推荐把视频发到哪里. 

We already have footage but we need to edit it. Can you do it for us?

We also do this all the time. 只要让十大正规买球app推荐知道你想要你的视频说什么,然后把视频发给十大正规买球app推荐. We can’t vouch for the quality of the footage, 十大正规买球app推荐可以保证,十大正规买球app推荐会让你的视频尽可能的好.

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